In the beginning of 2023 I took on knife making. My grandfather, who passed away when I was six years old, gifted me my first pocked knife shortly before his death. My grandparents spent a lot of time in nature as they got older. I think a pocket knife was something my grandfather must have seen as important for a young child to have, while about in the forest. The value of this gift has stuck with me and ever since I was little I thought that at some point in life I would want to make a knife of my own. This wish, as I have grown to become an adult, has fused itself with existential financial thoughts and the escapist fantasy of getting away from certain of the jobs I now practice to provide for myself. I have always seen non artistic creative work as important, as you can see in a very small selection of work in this portfolio. Creative work not intended to be art is a valid source of inspiration. I have unfortunately found little time to make further knives, however I am certain more knives will come, as soon as I once again prioritize them. Knife making is fascinating.